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Academy Victorius in First Tournament

First tour for Phuket Vagabonds Rugby Academy to the Rugby Krabi Cup in Ao Leuk, Krabi Province. We made many new friends, played some very good rugby and brought back home the 1st place trophy. An amazing effort by our players with both the semi-final and final games going on to extra time and decided by golden tries.


5th Krabi Rugby Cup Results

Vagabonds Rugby Academy

Coach - Kennes Sriwichai

10-11 December

Played at Ao Leuk Prachasan School, Krabi

Boys U12's Rugby

Saturday 10 December

1st Match

Vagabonds - 20 v Wat Kanajana Suratthani - 5

Mee-tang 3 tries

Tiger 1 try

2 nd match

Ao Leuk Tai - 10 v Vagabonds – 0

Sunday 11 December

Baan Nai Nang 12 v Vagabonds 17

1 try scored by Mee-tang and 2 by Sun who scored one in overtime. One conversion by Junior which gave us the advantage to reach the finals.

Final match against Ao Leuk Tai 5 v Vagabonds 10

One try in overtime both scored by Sun. Sun hurt his thumb in the semifinals but still played on.


A word from Coach Ken

Thank you for all supporters. That provides good opportunities and future for the hildren. From zero, become a champion in the competition. But it wont stop there. This is the start.

Go Phuket Vagabond Rugby Academy.


Players list

นาวิน แก้วโยธา Nawin Keawyota (Nawin) No.3

ธนภัทร อินทภู Tanaphai Inthaphu (Boat) No 8

วสุพล ศรีหนองห้าง Wasuphon Sinonghang


ชาคริต วรรณศรียพงศ์ Charkris Wannasriyapong

(Me-tang) No.5

ภูวณัฏฐ์ ศรีวิชัย Phuwanad Sriwichai


บุญณวงค์ ลาดบาศรี Bunnawong Ladbasri (junior)

No 10

จิระศักดิ์ พาน้อย Jirasak Panoi (Sun)No.12

เสฏฐวุฒิ อำนักมณี Sedthawut Aunnukmanee


ปริพัฒณ์ พระอรัญ Pharipat Phaarun (First) No.4

Krit Dante López No.11

Jack Mc Readie No.9

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